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011 509 3721-3691 (Haiti: Ile a Vache)

011 509 3683-6253 (Haiti; Ile a Vache)


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57th most beautiful beach in the World!!! According to CNN 2013 top 100 beaches.

Please e-mail all requests.  Kindly include the dates, amount of individuals in your party, your room preference and you will receive a response promptly by e-mail to inform you about availability.  Once you have received the response you can call the numbers above with either a Visa or Mastercard to confirm your reservation.  Thank you.  All further information can be found on the pricelist page.  Please note that per person rates based on double occupancy(2 people) means that if there is a couple (two people) who choose for example the deluxe beach front room at the $130 rate, each person will pay $130 for a total of $260 for the room that one night with 2 people.  Please note that is room rate only and additional charges do apply.  If a single person chooses the same room that person will be charged $155 for the one night.

Here you can discover the paradise