Abaka Bay Resort - where time stands still


Discover sunken treasure ships

Ile a Vache translated directly from the French means "Cow Island". However, regardless of the name it is not the few cows that attract a select group to the island, but rather the pristine beaches.

Throughout its history, Ile a Vache has had several name changes. It was once called Abaka by the native Indians. It is not known for certain what this name "Abaka" meant in the indigenous language. But taking a wild guess it probably meant "land of beautiful waters".

Ile a Vache has a history streaming with tales of pirates and buccaneers such as the world famous Henry Morgan. Sunken treasure is not merely a fantasy, but a reality at Abaka Bay. Several archaeological searches for sunken treasure ships have ensued in the vicinity. It is believed that Henry Morgan's flagship the Jamaica Merchant was sunk and found in the area!

If true the discovery would parallel the discovery of the Titanic!

Here you can discover the paradise